Top 3 ideas for interior wall decoration

Interior stone wall

Photo by Jasmina Rojko on Unsplash

Interior wall decoration can give your house new life with little labor. If you don’t want to paint them, here you have three ways to dress up your interiors using wood shelves, mirrors and natural stone.  


Wood shelves

Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash

One of the biggest challenges in your home is how to expand your interior storage space. Try to decorate your bare walls with wood shelves. They are easy to install because they can be mounted on brackets or fastened into the walls. All small objects and books can be arranged on shelves. Wood shelves can cover large unused portions of the wall in large areas like the living, dining or bedrooms. In addition, an open shelving makes a space feel larger, without the need for additional furniture.


Large mirrors are a very interesting option for decorating small walls in your house. A mirror can make your rooms look bigger than they are. If you don’t have natural light in a room, a large mirror can help the space feel more open and bright because it can take the place of windows along a wall without them. If you have large blank walls, you can use mirrors of different shapes and sizes, in order to create interest or simply funny designs.


Stonetack wall claddingAnother possibility is use natural stone for your interior wall decoration. Nowadays, you can find a lot of innovative products on the market that allow you to install natural stone in an easy and quick way. Durable, non-porous, resistant towards temperatures, natural stone is easy to maintain and can last for decades without losing its look. You can use STONETACK™, the first auto-adhesive natural slate panel designed for decorating interior walls, a 100% DIY product. An interior wall clad in natural stone will act as a focal point. It will give a rustic vibe to the design of your home.

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