The best DIY headboard made of natural slate

A great headboard can easily add a touch of contemporary design to your bedroom. If you like cool decoration, STONETACK™, the first auto-adhesive natural slate panel, is your perfect choice. A natural slate headboard will raise the originality level in your bedroom!

Design a DIY stone headboard is very easy and quick with STONETACK™. For this Project, we needed 5 rows of STONETACK™, available in boxes of six panels to cover an area of of ​​approximately 1 m². Each panel, manufactured from recycled natural slate slabs that come from CUPA STONE quarries, has a surface area of 54 x 30 cm and between 5.5 to 7.5 mm thick.



Tete de lit avec Stonetack®
Before installation, we recommend that you plan your preferred design, and test it first with the protective paper in place. STONETACK™ adheres to any type of support (tile, cement or wood). Once you’re sure, “Do It Yourself” in three steps:

  1. Clean the surface with a damp cloth and let dry.
  2. Remove the protective film from the adhesive. Be sure to locate the position where you want to adhere the panel before removing the protective film. Once the panel is adhered, it cannot be readjusted or removed.
  3. Attach the panel applying pressure for 5 seconds.


texture tete de lit avec Stonetack®

The stone headboard wall creates a rustic combination with the wood bedside table. The contemporary atmosphere of this room is completed with a decorative column of books. Just try to Do It Yourself with STONETACK™!

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