How to create a cozy space with Stonetack™

Before and after with Stonetack

STONETACK™, the first adhesive natural slate panel, gives you the possibility to create a cozy space in your home. And you can do it yourself! Here you can watch the easy installation process:

Composed by natural slate pieces, the new STONETACK™ panels have a strong adhesive that ensures a perfect fixation to the wall. The wall was perfectly smooth, level, solid and compact.

First of all, design your plan on the floor. You can locate the position where you wan to fix the panels before removing the protective film. Once the panel is adhered, it cannot be removed.

Planificate how to install Stonetack

Four boxes of STONETACK™ were needed to install the product on the half part of the walls for 4 square meters. Each box of STONETACK™ comes with 6 panels of 54×30 cm of surface and between 5.5 and 7.5 mm of thickness.


  1. Clean the wall with a cloth and let dry.
  2. Remove the protective film from the panel to the halfway point, position the panel, holding it on the lower part that is still covered with protective film and apply the upper part of the panel, removing the rest of the protective film to completely attach it.
  3. Press the panel to the Surface with your hands for at least 5 seconds to adhere it.


This design made with STONETACK™ creates an elegant and warm corner. The combination with different materials such as wood makes the perfect reading corner for a contemporary home.

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