How to decorate your home with dark walls

Dark walls created with Stonetack natural slateAre you a fan of dark colors in decoration? Black or gray are not very common colors to be found in interior designs. Even so, dark walls can add a touch of boldness, contrast and distinction to your bedroom, living room or attic.

First of all, you have to decide what type of style you should like for your home decoration. If you like a traditional look, you can choose dark colors for your walls merging with a soft rug for the floor, white ceilings and wood furniture. Dark walls teamed with white ceilings can create a beautiful and elegant contrast. Black with metallic gold, silver or copper creates an opulent look. Dark tones can team up with any color, getting a striking effect. A black granite countertop produces a look of sophistication and elegance in the kitchen.


Dark walls in bedrooms, for instance, require natural light. You can find dark colors in natural materials such as stone. The dark-hued brilliance and elegant texture of stone adds an authentic and natural look to your decor. Texture is also important in dark colors. For example, STONETACK™ is the first-ever self-adhesive natural slate panel for decorating interior walls. Natural slate’s unique, exclusive dark textures creates both rustic and contemporary environments. This product is 100% eco-friendly and goes perfectly with natural materials such as wood.

Dark walls can be sophisticated and provide a sense of privacy, very useful in special spaces such as home offices. Black means power, luxury and exclusivity on one hand and mystery on the other. Nowadays, gray is the new “beige” in decoration because it fits well with a great deal of colors. It is very useful in interior decorations such as pink, blue or green. Gray walls reflect a softer atmosphere and would suit a bedroom, a living room, an office or a kitchen.

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