Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stonetack®?

Stonetack® is a high quality self-adhesive natural stone veneer designed to be applied to interior walls.

Where can I install Stonetack®?

Stonetack® is intended for interior spaces with temperatures between 15ºC and 40ºC, and relative humidity between 40% and 60%.

The wall substrate materials should be cohesive, with a uniform surface that does not pose risks of cohesion failure. Stonetack® can be installed on the following walls/substrates: ceramic tile, smooth cement, painted walls (ensure that the paint is properly fixed to the wall. Performing a preview test in a small area is recommended before installing a complete wall),varnished wood. If the paint is in poor condition, it should be removed with sandpaper, and the wall should be vacuumed to remove dust, then cleaned with a sponge.

TIP: When installing Stonetack® on a corner, we recommend painting the surface with matte gray paint beforehand to disguise potential irregularities and enhance the end result.

Consejo para el montaje de StoneTack en esquinas

How can I install Stonetack®?

Always begin installation at the lower part of the wall and proceed upward. Use of a level is advised to ensure the tiles are perfectly horizontal.
Be sure to locate the position where you want to adhere the panel before removing the protective film. Once the panel is adhered, it cannot be readjusted or removed.
TIP: The easiest way to install the panel is by following these steps:

 Pasos a seguir para el montaje de Stonetack®

1. Remove the protective film from the panel to the halfway point.

2. Position the panel, holding it on the lower part that is still covered with protective film.

3. Apply the upper part of the panel, then remove the rest of the protective film to completely attach it.

4. Press the panel to the wall with your hands for at least 5 seconds to adhere it.

How do I cut Stonetack®?

Use slate cutters, a jigsaw, or a radial saw with the appropriate blade for cutting natural stone if the interface cannot be dealt with using a utility knife.

How do I clean Stonetack®?

Use only gentle, fast-drying cleaning solutions.
Ideally, dust should be removed by vacuuming.
Do not use wet scouring pads, as this may introduce water between the stones.

Where can I buy Stonetack®?

Stonetack® is currently available in Cupa Stone points of sale. You can write us by using our contact form.


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