Easy hallway transformations to inspire you

Hallway decorated with StonetackHallways are an important part of your home decoration. Transitional spaces have to work perfectly with your interior design. Even a narrow hallway can look great with some great tips. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate practical corridors.


Hallway decorated with Stonetack

Hallways are just as important as a bedroom, a bathroom or a kitchen in your house. They can be inspiring and a precursor to what the next room will hold. Hallways should have a dedicated function of their own. Few accesories and furniture pieces such as a sculpture, armchairs or shelves can create a beautiful transitional space. Hallways are usually dark spaces because there are rarely windows to add light. Consider using colors to reflect light such us gray or blue that allow you to create a relaxing neutral hallway. In order to create a focal point, you can add a collection of pictures of different sizes or a big clock.


You can transform a hallway into a space with personality using natural textures. For example, slate is a sustainable material that creates rustic and contemporary environments. Stonetack™ is the firts auto-adhesive natural slate panel the can be installed in minutes with an easy, 3-step process.

Hallway decorated with StonetackTruly a market innovation, the panels are available in boxes of 6 units which allow you to cover a surface of approximately 1 square meter. Incredibly versatile, Stonetack™ can be installed on hallways and goes perfectly with natural materials such as wood.

This type of hallway decoration stands out any space. It is the focal point and there is no need to add any paintings or furniture, the wall is the most important thing. This wall has a beautiful composition of recycled natural slate slabs.

So if you’re a bit lazy or don’t know what to do, this is a fast, stylish and easy way to decorate your corridor.

For further information, check Stonetack™ website.

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